Oil Painting Tips and Techniques

Finding Your Happy Medium

Let’s face it: there are a lot of mediums on the market and they all change how oil colors behave. To find the perfect medium for your work, you just need to understand how they change paint.

Cold Wax Painting

Cold Wax Painting is unified by artists’ shared interest in experimentation, texture and the physicality of paint layers.

Video Demonstrations

Videos on varnishing, oiling out, applying ground plus Gamblin’s approach to colormaking and the nature of oil painting.

Brush Cleaning: How to Remove Oil Paint

Step-by-step method for taking care of your brushes with minimal waste.

Why Varnish?

Varnishing is the easiest way to make your painting look better and it protects your painting.

Glossary of Painting Terms

From Alkyd and Alla Prima to Varnish and Verdaccio… commonly used and frequently confused terms.

Studies on Modern Paint

Notes from the field of Conservation Science to contemporary painters.

Traveling with Art Materials

Tips for packing your paints and passing airport security with flying colors.

Color Temperature List

Hue, value, chroma, hue temp, and color family.


With few colors, a tonal foundation can effectively and quickly establish the painting’s value scheme.

Building Permanent Paintings

Techniques that will help ensure your painting will last.

Storing Oil Paintings

You’ve amassed a number of paintings and now you’re faced with the issue of where and how to store them.

Controlling Surface Quality: A Holistic Approach

Starting from the ground up, we take a deeper look at how each layer affects the final surface quality of your painting.

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