Gamblin Artists Colors
Torrit Grey Competition Archive

We are pleased to present the winners of our Gamblin Artists Colors Torrit Grey Competitions in this archive. It is quite a challenge to paint in a single hue relying solely on value. Since the mix of pigments is different every year, the Torrit Grey hue is always unique and will never be repeated. We have received hundreds of high-quality submissions over the years and each in its own way is a unique artistic expression.

Over the next few months, and up until the next competition in May, we will be posting more of the submissions in their entirety. Robert Gamblin has been the judge of the three winners each year but we are also interested in what works you consider winners and we will be creating a Torrit Grey polling forum.

You can further explore any of the previous winners by clicking on the year at left.

If you took all the pigments in the color spectrum and mixed them together, what color would you make?

"Torrit Grey," says Robert Gamblin.