Gamblin Artists Colors
Basic High Key Palette

With this palette of Gamblin Artists Colors, painters can explore high key situations with bright tints and mixtures. Consider using the Portland Greys to mix tints if you want more natural looking tints using modern colors. The two basic palettes also work very well together so painters can choose one Cadmium Yellow for opacity and one Hansa Yellow for transparency and tinting strength etc.

Hansa Yellow Lt. - cool (toward green) semi-transparent light yellow

Hansa Yellow Med. - warm semi-transparent yellow

Napthol Scarlet - warm (toward orange) semi-transparent Vermillion red

Quinacridone Red - cool (toward blue) transparent red

Phthalo Blue - warm (toward red) transparent blue

Manganese Blue Hue - cool (toward green) transparent blue

Phthalo Emerald - warm (toward yellow) transparent green

Ivory Black - mixing black with moderate tinting strength

Titanium-Zinc White - best general mixing white