Gamblin Artists Colors
Gamblin Oil Painting Materials

Authentic color. Naturally.
No other painting media holds the same raw power of communication, pigment load and artistic possibility. When an artist squeezes oil color from one of our tubes, they experience color at its maximum.

Artist Grade Oils
Our luscious artist-grade oil colors are made with pure pigments and only the finest refined linseed oil.

FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors
Our fast-drying FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors enable painters to take their paintings further, faster than ever before.

Oil Painting Mediums
Formulated for safety and permanence, our contemporary mediums maximize artistic freedom.

Drying Oils
Gamblin drying oils are made from the finest linseed and poppy oils. Painters can use our linseed and poppy oils to thin oil colors - increasing their brilliance and transparency - to create traditional painting mediums of high or low viscosity or to extend the drying times of our Galkyd painting mediums.

Gamvar is a synthetic resin gloss varnish for use on oil as well as acrylic paintings.

The very definition of Studio Safety, Gamsol is excellent for thinning Gamblin mediums as well as for general painting and cleanup.

Sizes and Grounds
Designed for artists looking to build permanent paintings, these materials create painting foundations of the highest quality and give painters complete control over the working surface of their painting.

1980 Oil Colors
True color. Real value. Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are made with the same dedication and pure pigments that go into our Artist's Oils. 1980 colors are formulated with pure pigments, the finest refined linseed oil and marble dust (calcium carbonate). More affordable colors have been made with these three ingredients since oil painting began. With 1980 colors, artists experience colors that are true, without homogenized texture or muddy color mixtures.

Conservation Colors
Gamblin Conservation Colors are stable, reversible and suitable for use with a wide array of painting styles and techniques.

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